What if it's not your lucky day?

Problems sometimes come at us so quickly that
we rely on shortcuts, hasty decisions and often just pure luck to solve critical business issues.

One of the many risks of this method is that we miss key opportunities and fail to truly resolve
the problems, which often reappear later with greater intensity.

Improve your odds at problem solving by attending the workshop:

Problem Solving and Decision Making
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
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Learn the structure of problem solving and decision making by using a three part model. Examples, case studies and real work situations will be used to demonstrate the model and strengthen understanding.

Gain practical techniques to determine what problems to focus on, clarify the problem and gather information, determine and analyze causes, find the root cause, clarify what the solution must do, weigh alternative solutions, select appropriate courses of action, determine performance measures, verify solutions and more.

Learn practical skills and proven methods for resolving problems and making sound decisions, key competencies for all managers and leaders.


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