Work Matters

You spend the vast majority of your day and life at work, but why?
What motivates you at work and what drives you crazy?
What are you doing for the people around you to ensure their work matters?

The QNET Conference is designed for you to explore WORK MATTERS.
So why take time out of your busy day to attend?

To LEARN about why work matters - to you, your team and your organization - and how it impacts performance and the bottom line. To CONNECT with over 300 leaders - current, emerging and aspiring - from a wide cross-section of organizations. To BE INSPIRED about why your work matters, and LEAVE WITH A PLAN to make it matter more.

At this unique conference, customize your day by selecting from the 3 plenaries and 12 breakout sessions that are most relevant and meaningful for you.


Opening Keynote

Opening Keynote Speaker - Michael Bungay Stanier - QNET Conference 2016

Michael Bungay Stanier knows that people need to Do More Great Work: the work that has impact, the work that has meaning, the work that makes a difference. Michael and his company, Box of Crayons, have worked with Fortune 1000 organizations and teams around the world to help them do more of the stuff that matters… and less of the other stuff. He delivers highly practical, interactive and fun presentations that leave participants focused and committed to do more great work… and with an action plan to get started.
Opening Keynote Speaker - Do More Great Work by Michael Bungay Stanier - QNET Conference 2016

Michael is the author of a number of bestselling books, including Do More Great Work. His book End Malaria features articles about Great Work from thought leaders, which raised about $400,000 for Malaria No More. He has been featured in the media, such as Fast Company, the Financial Times, the Globe and Mail, and Breakfast TV.

Prior to founding Box of Crayons, Michael held senior positions in the corporate, agency and consulting worlds within the U.K., the USA and Canada. He holds a Masters of Philosophy from Oxford University where he was a Rhodes Scholar, as well as Law and Arts degrees with the highest honours from the Australian National University.

Opening Keynote Speaker - Michael Bungay Stanier - QNET Conference 2016

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders

Conference Agenda

Victoria Inn Hotel & Conference Centre – Tuesday, May 17, 2016  |  Winnipeg

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Registration / Continental Breakfast / Exhibits


Welcome & Opening Keynote Presentation – Michael Bungay Stanier


Networking Break / Exhibits


Breakout Sessions #1


Networking Break / Exhibits


Breakout Sessions #2


12:15 PM   Networking Luncheon / Exhibits



Feature Plenary – Michael Bungay Stanier


Networking Break / Exhibits


Breakout Sessions #3


Networking Break / Exhibits


Closing Plenary - Anders Boulanger


Conference Adjourn

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders

Conference Breakout Sessions

Join us for an outstanding lineup of 12 breakout sessions in four streams:
Leadership & Management, Quality & Effectiveness, Workplace Wellness, and Tools & Techniques. Read our Breakout Session Speakers' Bios.

Session #1 – 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Leadership &

Work Matters - From a Leader's Lens

Join our panel for an exploration of what makes work meaningful, why work matters and how it impacts performance and the bottom line. Come prepared for insightful discussion, inspiring stories and ideas to take back to your workplace.

- Milton Sussman, President & CEO, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
- Ida Albo, Co-owner, Yoga Public and The Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre

- Barb Hambleton, Vice President, Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc.
- Paul Holden, President & CEO, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
- Moderator: John MacLise, Host of Bold Radio on 680 CJOB and Director Partner Channels, MTS Inc.

Quality &

Hello It's Me - Reframing Engagement With Humour and Honesty

Join the new CEO of Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL) for a candid look at people - the heart and soul of the organization - and some of the processes and initiatives implemented at MBLL, including The Bald Guy Blog, Lunch With the Bald Guy and Not-So-Undercover-Boss. Participate in a Fish Bowl Dialogue where you can discuss opportunities and challenges related to staff engagement and identify ideas you can explore in your own work setting.

- John Stinson, CEO, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries


Safeguarding Employees: Navigating the New Psychological Health Standard

Great workplaces are often described as safe, engaging, respectful and trustworthy. These characteristics form part of Canada's National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, a standard with key factors that contribute to greater employee resilience and organizational sustainability. This session will introduce the standard as a guideline for the workplace, review the factors of psychological safety, and explore strategies for creating a psychologically safe workplace.

- Maureen Grace, Principal, Hamilton Grace and Associates, and Mental Health Works Trainer, Canadian Mental Health Association

Tools &

Mentoring Matters

An effective mentoring program positively impacts employee morale, enhances recruitment and retention, and supports human resource development. Whether initiated by the mentor, protégé or manager on behalf of an employee, all parties benefit from a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities. This interactive session will prepare you to define the mentor / protégé relationship, develop a mutually beneficial model for mentoring, and establish an action plan to manage the relationship as it moves forward.

- Janice Goldsborough, HR Consultant/Trainer, The HR Basics

Session #2 – 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM

From Miserable to Meaningful

Do you have individuals or teams that have lost their spark, or seem stuck in a pit of misery? Unpack the roots of misery and employee disengagement in the workplace along with the foundational needs for employee engagement. Learn a strategy to support and challenge employees to re-engage at work in a meaningful way, and review several advanced techniques.

- David Falk, Partner, Facilitated Solutions

Customers and Staff Reap the Benefits of Custom Certification

Creating unique certification programs within your organization can provide a consistent approach to staff development, career advancement, and increased responsibility and authority. The program at RANA ensures clients are supported by staff who are competent, skilled and excited by their work. Explore the business drivers, the development experience, and the results for all stakeholders involved.

- Adam Gerhard, Vice-President Corporate Services , RANA Respiratory Care Group
- Janet Reichert, Sleep Apnea Technician, RANA Respiratory Care Group

- Marie Antaya, Director, Eclectic Communications

Job Crafting. Shaping Your Job for a Better Fit

No two people do the same job in the same way. Job crafting describes how employees naturally adjust and re-shape their roles based on their strengths, interests and skills. Research demonstrates that an open and transparent approach to job crafting can foster increased job satisfaction, engagement and resilience, and ultimately boost productivity. Use practical tools to investigate the essential elements of job crafting that you and your employees can implement no matter where you work.

- Geoffrey Thompson, Community Health Nurse, MFL Occupational Health Centre

The Power of Stories: Building a Tool Chest

People are storytellers. We tell stories, react to stories, embellish stories and create stories using whatever information we have. Spoken or unspoken, the "stories" we hold to be true drive behaviour. Great leaders use stories to communicate messages and drive behaviours. Explore a framework for constructing your own Tool Chest full of tools and stories core to your organization and your style of leadership.

- David Baker, CEO, Think Shift

Session #3 – 2:15 PM to 3:30 PM

Leadership is Not a Solo Event

A modern trend in leadership is to view it as a solo act best suited for narcissists. This is not a good thing. As leaders we need to get over ourselves. Come to this thought-provoking session to hear ideas that challenge common conceptions of leadership, and find out what really matters to make leadership work.

- Linton Sellen, Leadership Training & Consultation, Training Plus

Lean Six Sigma - Linking Quality and Joy at Work

Looking for some inspiration from quality? A father of the quality movement, W. Edwards Deming made it clear that "Management's job is to create an environment where everybody may experience joy in work." Price Industries and Manitoba Hydro recently undertook Lean Six Sigma projects - one on the shop floor and one in the Fleet Services payables function - with remarkable outcomes. Learn about the projects and how they impacted the lives of the people involved in the work.

- Vern Campbell, Principal, VF Campbell & Associates
- Paul Remillard, Vice-President Operations, Price Industries
- Dominic Martin, Price West Evening Shift Cell Leader, Price Industries
- Connor Mckay, Mechanical Engineering Student, University of Manitoba
- Kevin Berry, Manager, Supply Chain Management, Manitoba Hydro
- Cecil Eger, Fleet Stores Supervisor, Manitoba Hydro
- Abe Buhler, Fleet Operations Coordinator, Manitoba Hydro

Exploring Elements of a Supportive Work Environment

A psychologically sound workplace will have healthier, happier employees and will likely reap benefits in productivity, sustainability and growth. Explore key elements of a supportive work environment in this highly interactive session where you learn and exchange ideas with others. Participate in four of six available roundtable topics: organizational culture, clear leadership and expectations, growth and development, involvement and influence, workload management and psychological protection.

Facilitators from The Institute for Performance and Learning (IPL):
- Dawna Atamanchuk, CTDP, Benefits and Beyond Inc.
- Vanessa Breland, The North West Company
- Alison Crozier, CTDP, Great-West Life
- Helen Dyrkacz, CTDP, Leadership and Beyond
- Susan Portelance, CTDP, Eclectic Communications
- Julene Toews Dewis, JTD Consulting

Cool $#!% That Matters

At the end of the day, we all want to feel that we can make a difference - working with a team that has a shared passion and doing meaningful work that excites and ignites. The good news is that any organization, in any industry, can engage its employees through innovation and spark a transformation in the process. Discover how to get people excited about work again, learn practical approaches to stimulating creativity, and experience the power of innovative thinking with tools to spark ideas you can take back to your organization.

- John Ferris, CEO, inVision Edge

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders

Closing Plenary

Our closing plenary promises to be a magical experience with an engaging performance by magician and keynote speaker Anders Boulanger. His original and dynamic presentation will challenge our sense of reality and then challenge us personally to apply what we've learned at the conference. Sit back and enjoy some of the unique demonstrations Anders uses to engage and entertain audiences at corporate events all over North America and Europe.

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders

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