Get prepared for the issues faced by leaders in the modern workplace and challenge your existing thoughts on leadership with the 7-day Workplace Leadership course. Invest in your future by preparing to lead!

Leaders confront the issues you face in the modern workplace with this one-of-a-kind developmental program.

Take this opportunity to refine your leadership through a thought-provoking program covering all aspects of leadership, communication, training and development.

The QNET Certificate in Leadership Development (CLD) is made up of one course – the seven day “Workplace Leadership” course. It generally runs one day a week for seven consecutive weeks.

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The seven day CLD / Workplace Leadership Course equips you to be a more effective leader.

This program is different than any other leadership course. The content is not the usual content. Almost every topic has learning that is unique to this program. Come ready for new ideas that may challenge your conceptions of leadership.

The approach is different, too. At this no-nonsense course, participation is always welcome, but never required. You will experience an informal atmosphere where leadership is discussed in a practical way that relates to the real world. You can sit back and take it in, or ask questions or comment as much as you want.

One thing that is certain – you will come out with a greater understanding of how to lead others. That is guaranteed.

Prepare yourself to lead successfully with the QNET Certificate in Leadership Development!

What Participants say:
There are two things we hear over and over from participants:
     1. This course is different, and
     2. It is the best they have ever taken.

Read for yourself what they say here.

This course will teach you:

  • Why leadership works.
  • What leadership really is.
  • What qualifies you to be a leader.
  • Myths regarding motivation, and what the truth is.
  • How authority works, how (and how not) to use it.
  • The 4 causes of performance problems, and how to identify them.
  • The difference between performance and results.
  • When (and when not to) discipline.
  • To stop expecting HR to do your job.
  • How chain of command works, and how it doesn’t.
  • How to build teams.
  • How leaders should communicate.
  • How to develop your employees using sense and meaning.

Course Overview – This course covers the critical subjects of:

A Leader’s Job –  The Job Qualifications – Management and Leadership – Addressing Performance – Performance and Well-Being – The Working Leader – The Peter Principle – Authority – Responsibility – Accountability – Leadership Styles – Decision Making – Input  and Control – Delegation – Chain of Command – Unity of Command – When the Job Doesn’t Get Done – Analysing Performance Problems – Motivation – Goals – Performance and Results – Rules and Procedures – Correcting Misconduct – Encouraging Initiative – Character – Pride – Self-Interest – Courage – Loyalty – Ethics – Teamwork – Advocacy – Conflict Resolution

The Process –  Confirmation – Components – Speaking vs. Writing – Asking Questions – Groups – Presentations


Developing Capability – Training vs. Evaluation – The Role of Evaluation – Sense and Meaning – Exercise – Primacy and Recency – Subdivision – Sequencing – Aspects of Performance – Explaining – Demonstrating – Assisting – Giving Feedback – Teaching Thinking and Judgement – Teaching Acceptance of Responsibility

Full participation and attendance is required to receive course certificate and credit.

Linton Sellen
Training Plus

Linton Sellen of Training Plus is an experienced manager, trainer and trainer of supervisors. He has won awards for his leadership, presentation skills and training ability. He received his post secondary education from the Faculties of Management and Law at the University of Manitoba. After receiving his Call to the Bar, he joined Canada’s Air Force. He earned his pilot wings, the highest instructional category available, and his commission as an officer. He was put in charge of the training and evaluation of Air Force supervisors and instructors. He also acquired years of first-hand practical experience as a manager, coach, and leader. For the last 15 years, Linton has conducted training of managers and supervisors and provided leadership consultation to businesses and other organizations. Specializing in leadership, he developed the Workplace Leadership Course to address the issues faced by the leader in the modern workplace.

Who Should Attend

This course is for any person in a leadership role at any level in any organization, or a person anticipating going into a leadership role. Attendees range from CEO’s and Presidents to front line supervisors in the public and private sectors.


Members of the following organizations receive the partner rate for this event

  • ASCM Winnipeg Chapter

Funding provided by The Manitoba Government

Course Credits

  • Eligible for credit in the CAM:OE (Certificate in Applied Management: Organizational Effectiveness) in partnership with the University of Manitoba, Continuing Education.
Certificate in

Leadership Development


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By far the best course I have ever attended.

Excellent course. Easily the most useful and applicable leadership and management course I have ever taken.

It was great! It challenged me to look at things from a different perspective.

If I only took one day it was worth the price of the whole course.

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