Think inside the box, change perspective and cultivate accountability with highly acclaimed speaker and global thought leader Cy Wakeman at:

Manitoba's Conference for Leaders, Presented by QNET
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at the Victoria Inn Conference Centre Winnipeg

Kick off the day with an energizing opening keynote by Cy Wakeman, then create your own customized conference experience with breakout sessions in four targeted streams - Leadership, Quality, Wellness and Tools. After lunch, Cy will lead a full afternoon workshop and Q&A.

Recognized for her counter-intuitive, reality-based approach to leadership, Cy offers a new lens through which executives and employees alike can shift their attention inward, sharpen their focus on personal accountability, and ditch the drama.

Join hundreds of other forward thinking leaders - current, emerging and aspiring - for a full day of inspiration, learning and networking at the QNET Conference.

Challenge yourself to grow, gain practical tips and tools, and adopt a new mindset that will take you into the future with clarity and confidence.

Featuring Cy Wakeman

Opening Keynote Speaker - Cy Wakeman - QNET Conference 2019 Opening Keynote Speaker - Cy Wakeman - QNET Conference 2019
Dynamic keynote speaker, New York Times bestselling author and global thought leader, Cy Wakeman has cultivated a revolutionary approach to leadership and work, earning her a spot on the Global Guru's list of Top 30 Leadership Professionals for 2017.

Cy's Reality-Based Philosophy has helped leaders and their teams all over the world ditch the drama, turn excuses into results, and find opportunities in every challenge they face.
Reality Based Rules - Cy Wakeman - QNET Conference 2019

Deemed "the secret weapon to restoring sanity to the workplace," Wakeman has helped companies such as Facebook, Google, NASA, Pfizer, NBC Universal, Johns Hopkins, and Bank of America Merryl Lynch learn to navigate our rapidly changing world using good mental processes to harness energy wasted in workplace drama and reinvest that effort into achieving profound business results.

A highly sought-after conference headliner, Cy holds a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and has been featured on the TODAY Show and The New York Times Business Insider. She's a regular contributor on and The Huffington Post, and in 2018 was voted a Top 100 Leadership Expert to follow on Twitter.

Wakeman has published three books, including Reality-Based Leadership and her latest, No Ego: How to Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results. She hosts her own podcast, a Facebook Watch show, and adds weekly video content on YouTube to address the challenges leaders face in the workplace.

No Ego - Cy Wakeman - QNET Conference 2019
Back by popular demand! Opening Keynote and Workshop with Cy

Cy Wakeman is the highest rated keynote speaker in the history of the QNET Conference. Since she was last in Winnipeg in 2015, there have been requests to bring Cy back to present new material and provide more intensive training in her philosophy.

You asked, you got it! Cy will present a brand new, dynamic opening keynote and an intensive full afternoon workshop with a live Q&A where you have the opportunity to get your challenging leadership questions answered.

Grounded in reality, Wakeman's revolutionary approach to leadership is founded on a reality-based mindset and personal accountability. Inspired to help others, she now presents public keynotes and workshops, and visits more than 200 companies each year, helping leaders around the world transform their organizations.

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders

Conference Agenda

Victoria Inn Conference Centre Winnipeg– Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Full Conference Agenda to be announced soon!

DRAFT Conference Agenda:
7:30 Registration / Contental Breakfast / Visit Exhibits
8:15 Welcome & Opening Keynote - Cy Wakeman
9:30 Networking Break / Visit Exhibits
10:00 Breakout Sessions (Leadership / Quality / Wellness / Tools & Techniques)
11:00 Networking Break / Visit Exhibits
11:15 Breakout Sessions (Leadership / Quality / Wellness / Tools & Techniques)
12:15 Networking Luncheon / Exhibits
1:00 Workshop and Live Q&A with Cy Wakeman
4:30 Conference Adjourn



Registration / Continental Breakfast / Exhibits


Welcome & Opening Keynote Presentation - Cy Wakeman


Networking Break / Exhibits


Breakout Sessions #1


Networking Break / Exhibits


Breakout Sessions #2


12:15 PM   Networking Luncheon / Exhibits



Feature Plenary - Dr. Janet Lapp


Networking Break / Exhibits


Breakout Sessions #3


Networking Break / Exhibits


Closing Plenary - Yvonne Thompson


Conference Adjourn

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders

Conference Breakout Sessions

Join us for an outstanding lineup of morning breakout sessions in four streams: Leadership & Management, Quality & Effectiveness, Workplace Wellness, and Tools & Techniques.
Conference breakout sessions to be announced soon!

Already confirmed to present...
Stephen de Groot, author, international speaker and transformation architect
MaryAnn Kempe, Chief HR Officer, The Birchwood Automotive Group
Lightning talks by some of QNET's leading workshop facilitators - David Falk, Cate Friesen, Janice Goldsborough, Sylvia Marusyk, Chuck Meltzer, Janet Schmidt

Session #1 – 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Leadership &

Civility and the Changing Face of Communication

The world as we know it is changing rapidly, impacting how we connect, socialize, and communicate. How do we navigate low-touch online communication and still connect with each other in a meaningful way? Hear about current research and why you should be concerned, find out what factors contribute most to heightened incivility in modern workplace communications, and leave with best practices for fostering increased civility.

-Lew Bayer, CEO, Civility Experts Inc. and President, The Center for Organizational Cultural Competence

Quality &

Culture Shift

Culture is much more than just a 'soft' concept. Strong corporate culture contributes to an organization's values, identity and image, and helps attract and retain talent. This session will review some of the drivers behind culture change, make the connection between having the 'right culture' and achieving better organizational results, and share an approach to making a culture shift. Participants will also explore a practical tool to guide and measure your culture transformation.

-Leanne Douglas, Senior Manager, MNP Consulting


Mind Over Matter

Do you manage competing priorities? Are there moments of difficulty you would like to meet more effectively? Many people have heard about mindfulness but can't imagine adding one more thing to an already full to-do list. Today's busy professional would benefit from moments of grace and reflection, even if there seems to be no time (or interest) in meditation. At this interactive session, learn practical ways to introduce mindful awareness in your day. Bring your sense of fun and remember to breathe.

-Jennifer Kilimnik, Acting Director of Human Resource Services, St.Amant
-Andrew Terhoch, Spiritual Health Practitioner, St.Amant

Tools &

Collective Wisdom: Panel of Mentors

Join our panel of mentors that features leaders from diverse sectors and at different stages in their career. Hear about the values and principles that have influenced them, along with tools and techniques they have used throughout their development. Leave with ideas and practices that will help you grow as a leader today and into the future.

-Réal Cloutier, CEO, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

-Serena Saunders, Manufacturing Manager, Boeing
-Mike Watson, Acting Co-Dean, School of Skilled Trades and Technologies, Red River College
-Moderator: Jordan Farber, Vice President, Lexington Real Estate

Session #2 – 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM

Leadership &

Hot Topics: Thrive Through Uncertainty

Join our panel of experts as we explore some of the hot topics facing today's leaders and managers in the workplace, including cannabis and harassment. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to take charge of the changes that may be coming your way.

-Jamie Jurczak, Partner, Taylor McCaffrey LLP
-Diana Wiesenthal, FCPHR, President & CEO, Corporate People Responsibility (CPRinc) Ltd.
-Dr. Sheri Fandrey, Knowledge Exchange Lead, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
-Moderator: John MacLise

Quality &

Momentous Engagement

Employee engagement has not lived up to expectations. To engage is how we lead, manage, and work. Momentous engagement teaches us as we engage in the moment, as it takes only moments to engage. This practical, tactical and research-based session will improve your ABC's of daily work and living: Achieve Results - Build Relationships - Cultivate Wellbeing. Take this opportunity to identify engaging moments, examine the relationship between psychological safety and engagement, determine engaging actions or micro-behaviours for specific moments, and commit to enacting one practical element of engagement.

-David Zinger, Speaker, Educator, Consultant, and Coach, David Zinger Associates


Meeting of the Minds

Ah, say the words "mindfulness" and "meeting" and everything arises from deep sighs to eye rolling. What benefits might these two experiences share that can really inform each other and bring greater focus, clarity, creativity and compassion into our workplaces and ultimately our world? At this session, we will explore the scientific theory identifying the mechanisms of mindfulness, namely, intention, attention and attitude, and practically apply these to infuse our meetings with the care that enables us to be more inspiring and empowering leaders.

-Dawn MacDonald, Strategic Director, Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba and Senior Instructor, Institute for Mindful Leadership

Tools &

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Visual management is seen every day, all around us, so why not take the same concept and apply it in our workplaces? Communicating business performance through visual processes is proven to increase employee engagement, drive daily improvement and support change management processes. Daily Visual Management (DVM) boards are a tool for information sharing and problem solving. This session will introduce participants to the tools and practices of visual management, including the DVM board and DVM huddles. It will also explore the impact of visual management on team performance, improvement and communication.

-Kelly Beattie, Partner & Engagement Consultant, Beyond Connections Consulting

Session #3 – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Leadership &

SkipTheDishes Grows With Confidence

A leader in the startup community in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, SkipTheDishes is a Canadian technology company that enables food delivery to more than 10,000 restaurants in more than 50 North American cities. In its first five years, the company has grown to over 1,000 employees, up from just under 300 a year ago. Find out how they thrive through uncertainty and grow with confidence at this session.

-Jonathan Bauer, Director Talent, SkipTheDishes
-Paul Turner, VP People, SkipTheDishes

Quality &

Innovation - From Creativity to Delivery

Whether developing products or providing services, all organizations must create an environment of innovation if they wish to be successful. Innovation does not start with hiring more imaginative people, but rather by fostering an environment that allows creativity and innovation to happen, and where contributions can come from anyone. This interactive workshop provides practical strategies for stimulating and channeling creativity and innovation into organizational productivity. Participants will learn how to generate ideas and how to focus their innovation efforts.

-Eric Stutzman, Managing Director, ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance


Exploring Mindfulness and Compassion at Work

The introduction of mindfulness and compassion into workplaces has been shown to support positive workplace culture, innovative thought and improved service quality. Come prepared for thought provoking discussion, inspiring stories and ideas to take back to your team and organization.

-John Leggat, CEO, St.Amant
-Melissa Meilleur, Supervisor, Policy and Administration, Supply Chain Management, Manitoba Hydro
-Micheline St-Hilaire, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Organizational Development, Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba
-Moderators: Geoffrey Thompson and Linda Dawson, MFL Occupational Health Centre

Tools &

Tackle the Chaos and Take Charge of Change

Engage and empower your team in an effective and structured way. 6S is an organization method that has many potential applications in the workplace and even at home. Using the 6S tool, change can be productive, efficient and sustainable, leading to a better organized work environment, where everyone takes ownership of their space and activities. Find out more at this interactive session where you will experience a hands-on 6S simulation, understand the steps of 6S and learn how to get consensus on making change.

-Fontana Coy, Duha Certified Master Black Belt and Continuous Improvement Transformation Coach, Duha Center of Excellence

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders

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Take advantage of the Early Bird Registration Bonus* - a complimentary copy of Cy's latest book No Ego: How to Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results (*full day registrations only, not valid with 5+ group registration discount)

GROUP DISCOUNT - $30/person discount is available when 5 or more participants from the same organization register at the same time. To register your group, click here.

Enhance your professional development and strengthen your network at the QNET Conference for Leaders. If you can't stay for the day, come for the Opening Keynote which includes a continental breakfast buffet and access to the Exhibits.

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders

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Showcase your organization to a cross sectoral audience of current, emerging and aspiring leaders. Demonstrate your committment to leadership, learning and excellence in Manitoba. In the spirit of providing an active and engaging networking experience for sponsors and participants, the Sponsor and Exhibitor opportunities have been updated for 2019.

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders

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Manitoba's Conference for Leaders