Creating an Inclusive Work Environment: A Culture of Kindness (Virtual)

Conscious kindness can help create a safe and inclusive work environment, develop a culture of belonging and respect, encourage open and honest communication, and provide employees with the resources they need to succeed. 

Kindness can create a sense of appreciation and belonging among coworkers, promote collaboration, and enhance creativity. It can foster an atmosphere of trust and respect, and lead to a more productive workplace.

When leaders and team members embrace kindness and empathy, the outcome is a more positive workplace and an environment where everyone is heard, respected, and accepted for who they are. Kindness and empathy also lead to improved communication, critical to resolving conflicts and building solid relationships.

This session will invite participants to consider conscious kindness as a critical communication technique, and provide specific tools to approach and repair a situation or interaction that has left someone hurt or offended. Through guided practice, participants will be able to learn and practice how to communicate with kindness while having a safe space to reflect on their own experiences and feelings. Participants will leave the session with new tools and strategies to foster more meaningful and compassionate communication.

We’ll explore how to be more aware of when we are offending someone and how to repair that relationship, by listening empathetically, accepting criticism and feedback, becoming aware of our biases, and understanding how they can negatively affect our colleagues and team members. 

We’ll also discuss how to create more inclusive environments by actively seeking out perspectives different from ours, and how to use those differences to develop innovative solutions. Finally, we’ll learn how to speak up when we see microaggressions and how to ensure that everyone in the workplace feels valued and respected.

The session will also introduce lateral violence, an example of a concept that emerged from Indigenous knowledge and experience. It has been widely adopted to understand and address complex social dynamics within and between Indigenous communities. The approach emphasizes the need to restore balance and harmony. It is seen as a foundational concept for understanding Indigenous well-being. Lateral kindness is a term used to describe the interconnectedness of all living things. It is a belief that we are all connected and must take care of each other and the environment. It involves recognizing individual rights and responsibilities and collective rights and responsibilities.

Tanya Clarke-Marinelli
Founder, TC Training Services

Tanya Clarke-Marinelli is a proud Indigenous woman from Hollow Water FN. She served 3 years on the Board of Directors with the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce and holds her number of volunteering positions with them near and dear. Tanya’s passion is to inspire Leaders within a community, one that strives to create a more vibrant and healthy society for their children and their children’s children. She has had the privilege of creating online programs that support this initiative, including Empowering Kids Camp, Empowering Leaders to Empower Youth, and Plan for Your Success. Since founding TC Training Services, Tanya has offered programs that include interpersonal conflict resolution, respectful workplace, communication and collaboration, effective leadership and how to facilitate your own training. However, her most requested program is Emotional Intelligence, and through its teachings she has been able to help businesses and individuals learn how to connect authentically and communicate effectively.

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Funding provided by The Manitoba government.

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  • An optional course (3.5 hours) in the 70 credit hour QNET Certificate in Management Development (CMD). 
  • Eligible for credit in the CAM:OE (Certificate in Applied Management: Organizational Effectiveness) in partnership with the University of Manitoba, Continuing Education
Creating an Inclusive Work Environment: A Culture of Kindness (Virtual)

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