Managing Mental Health at Work

Many managers may feel uncomfortable addressing mental health concerns with their employees. 

This workshop will empower managers to recognize and respond to signs of poor mental health in their employees and provide them with the tools to initiate compassionate and supportive conversations. 

By understanding the impact of mental health on employee well-being and performance and by learning best practices for initiating conversations about mental health, managers can create a safe space for employees to share their struggles and seek support.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the impact of mental health issues at work
  • Define a manager’s role in supporting employees who are struggling
  • Review a framework for managing mental health at work

This course is scheduled to run in person. Contact if you are unable to attend the course in person; we will check to see if you can join the in-person course by Zoom.


Jordan Friesen, O.T. Reg. (MB)
President, Mindset Mental Health Strategy

Jordan Friesen is the Founder and President of Mindset Mental Health Strategy. He brings many years of experience as a leader in Canada’s non-profit sector spearheading national initiatives focused on corporate mental health. As a consultant, Jordan uses his skills to assist organizations who want to take progressive action to support the mental health of their workforce as a competitive advantage and business imperative for the future of work. In addition to consulting and leadership, Jordan has experience in training, education, mentorship, and public speaking. He prides himself on being able to distill complex ideas into actionable insights for a wide range of audiences, from executives to students. He is a sought-after subject matter expert on workplace mental health. Jordan is a registered occupational therapist and holds a Master of Occupational Therapy from the University of Manitoba.

Anna McGregor
Associate Consultant, Mindset Mental Health Strategy Inc.

Anna McGregor is an Associate Consultant at Mindset Mental Health Strategy Inc. With her background in molecular sciences and health care, she brings strong observation, problem-solving, and communication skills to the table. Since starting with Mindset, Anna has developed an in-depth understanding of the best practices organizations can take to support the mental health of their employees. A life-long learner herself, she enjoys delivering complex information using clear and accessible messaging, and is passionate about being a knowledgeable support to others as they seek learning, growth, or change. Her attention to detail has helped ensure plans for organizational change are well-rounded and actionable. Anna is a registered occupational therapist and holds both a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Manitoba and a Master of Science in Neuroscience degree from the University of Victoria.


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Funding provided by The Manitoba government.

Course Credits

An optional half day course (3.5 credit hours) in the 70 credit hour QNET Certificate in Management Development (CMD)

Managing Mental Health at Work

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