Respectfully, Up Yours:

How to Play Nice at Work

What makes a good workplace great? A culture of respect and cooperation. 

This interactive and collaborative seminar will assist people in becoming more effective individual agents of change and more respectful as a team. 

We will explore practical and concrete ways of bringing these ideas to life to generate a workplace of happy, engaged and supportive team players.


What constitutes respectful or disrespectful behavior?

The effect of disrespect in the workplace on SAFETY and HEALTH.

What’s in it for you to change the way YOU do things?

Guidelines for a respectful and psychologically safe workplace.

Practical tools and strategies for becoming a more respectful workplace.


Sylvia Marusyk
Founder, MindBody Works

Sylvia Marusyk is everything you never knew you wanted in a public speaker. The owner and innovative mind behind MindBody Works – a Canadian company focusing on creating and maintaining health and wellness in the workplace – Sylvia is fun, sassy and passionate about safety & health. As an Occupational Therapist with almost 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of health and safety, she emphasizes that prevention is the key to creating happy, healthy individuals, employees and businesses. The former host of the ‘Happy Hour With Sylvia!’ radio show, international keynote speaker, “activational” mentor and industry expert has proven that the way we look at corporate health, safety and wellness is due for a change of perspective; and Sylvia is leading the charge. Her entertaining presentations focus on a proactive approach to building healthy lives and workplaces. Through the use of humour and her incredibly dynamic presentation style, Sylvia leaves audiences laughing, learning and going home with the tools and confidence to change their lives for the better.

Respectfully, Up Yours :
How to Play Nice at Work

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