Make innovation a way of life in your organization with practical tools and insightful ideas that foster idea breakthroughs.

Innovative companies like RIM, Apple and Google generate new product ideas using processes that are systematic. Many organizations speak loudly about the significance of innovation to their success, but their actions often contradict their words.

To successfully innovate products, services, processes and programs, organizations must work to create a nurturing, experimental culture that accepts both failure and success. QNET's Innovation Series showcases best practices and explores how to build such a culture.

Innovation and Creativity Resource List

QNET's Innovation Partners Include:


Innovation Forum 2010 Be the Face of Innovation

Keynote Tom Kelley of IDEO one of the world's most innovative companies.

Hear Innovative Ideas from Tom


Emerge Knowledge Design Inc.

Rick Penner, President

Hosted by Industrial Technology Centre

Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg

Sandy Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer

Hosted by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Skybridge Marketing Group

Michael Embury, Manager, Human Resources

Hosted by Manitoba Customer Contact Association

St. Boniface General Hospital

Kellie O'Rourke, Executive Director - Support Services

Hosted by QNET

VAW Systems Inc.

Yaroslow Muzyka, Vice-President, Operations

Hosted by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters