Calling Your People Up to Greatness

Hear Cy Wakeman in person at the 2019 QNET Conference for Leaders on May 15

As a leader, your job is to continuously call every member of
your team - including yourself - up to greatness.

Cy Wakeman, New York Times Bestselling Author and Global Thought Leader, tells us that we need to teach people not how to live in perfect circumstances or how to be great when everything goes their way. We need to help people get more skillful in their current reality.

Success and happiness are not correlated with a lack of
stress or perfect environment.

Everyone has the potential to be great, and leaders are the ones who must help show the path to greatness. Sometimes all that's needed is a reminder of how one can succeed in spite of the circumstances, instead of succumbing to them.

Hear more in Cy's YouTube video Calling People Up to Greatness.


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