Create Connection - Maximize Meaning - Enhance Efficiencies...

CORE Advantage is an advanced approach to fostering meaningful human interaction and connection.

Designed, refined and tried with more than 40,000 people over 25 years, it is built to optimize the quality and efficacy of every professional and /or personal engagement.

This inspiring, highly interactive and practice-oriented training program offers an approach that is portable and adaptable.

It provides a simple framework and set of strategies for understanding and approaching all people to create connection, maximize motivation, and enhance efficiencies in interactions.


Join author, international speaker and performance development facilitator
Stephen de Groot at the one day workshop: CORE Advantage on Wednesday, June 5 in Winnipeg

Learn how to :

  • Strengthen relationships and deepen connection immediately
  • Build trust faster and sustain it
  • Expedite accuracy and clarity on key needs, values, goals and strengths
  • Maximize the quality, value and meaning of every interaction
  • Eliminate misunderstandings and conflict
  • Increase capacity to influence and attain preferred results, and
  • Navigate complex situations in less time, with greater success

The CORE Advantage approach does not compete with, compromise or challenge the integrity of other programs or learning models, and is designed to enhance people capacity at all levels.


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